Create Listing Batch Errors




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    Name: Brendan Archibald

    How do i fix this error? "Validation of the authentication token in API request failed"

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    Alex Lv

    Add store again

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    Name: Jorge Ojeda

    When I try to create a new listing, this error appears.

    • Error: Empty Product Title
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    Every time I try to create a listing this error occurs, called ebay 4 times to reset account. They said to talk with EASYNC as the problem seams to be in our end. They said every time I try to create a listing is coming from a different IP address.


    • Your account may have been accessed by a third party. In an effort to protect your account, we have put a temporary lock on bidding, selling and the ability to send messages to other eBay members until we can safely restore your account to you. Please click here to speak with an Account Security Representative.
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    I use Oberlo for my Shopify store and what I'm about to tell you works well with them. I hope EASYNC and help us with this one.

    Currently when we create a listing with variations and sync it to ebay the listing succeed but when a buyer goes to ebay store to shop the item they use the drop down menu to select the variation. Let's say the listing offers different colors, with Oberlo's when the buyer selects a color from dropdown menu in ebay the main picture would change to the correct item the customer is trying to purchase. With EASYNC we can't do this yet. It will be a great update if we can do this.


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