Errors - My Auto Order Failed or My Create Listing Failed




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    Adam Embick

    Error: "There are products without source"

    I received this error because the order is for a product that I list myself and is not an easysync listing.

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    Name: Gabriel Barreiro


    Amazon in Europe has added 2 step verification so AO does not work.

    I come up as invalid credentials, but the fact is that since the second step of the verification is a code sent by SMS how shall EASY SyNC solve this?

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    Michael Vaughn

    Products without source has been updated to this list.

    The 2 step auth is addressed in this article. Just disable it on Amazon please.

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    Name: Minh Nhat

    I got Two-step-verification-error. Then I disable it. Is there an option to re-order? I can't find one. Or it will re-order after a certain time?

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    Michael Vaughn

    This is answered in the 3rd and 4th sentence of this article.
    It shouldn't ever auto retry on it's own. You would need to manually click the retry button.

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    Luke Fisher

    "Invalid JSON"

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    I'm fine to pay for shipping.........
    How do I change that?

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    Michael Vaughn

    For invalid JSON please just open a ticket and it will be fixed quickly.

    For no_free_shipping just edit your repricing page and choose "cheapest"
    This is probably a Walmart order, or something other than an Amazon Prime order.

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    "undefined is not a valid argument for URI"

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